Bộ Mỹ Phẩm Trang Điểm Lông Mày Chống Thấm Nước Dành Cho Nam Giới – ₫137.000

❤️I like it❤️Our shop is ok ❤️Focus on the store✅ Men’s clothing, shoes cap men’s bags, watches, ornaments ✨Our products are all ⚠️
✨Packages cannot be returned once they are issued⛄Can’t cancel the order, please know❤️A set of men’s eyebrow tools, suitable for beginners, eyebrow pencil 3 men’s common colors, black, brown, gray, color selection can be based on your hair color, generally recommended close to hair color, of which (black) men choose the most, close to natural color.Tool introduction: (2 pc eyebrow knife) portable sharp.【4 pc eyebrow card 4 types eyebrow card pack 4 eyebrow shape for you to choose,